IHS Markit recognizes the work being done at Genetec

July 15, 2019 Andrew Elvish

When I’m not working or meeting with customers, I like to spend time in my perennial garden.

Sure, annuals look great within weeks of planting, but what I find inspiring about perennials is how hard the plants are working to produce the root system necessary to sustain them through Montreal’s punishing winters. It’s the structure underneath that makes them endure. Also, every spring, I can trust that my garden will return along with the warm weather.

This is one of the things I enjoy about my position here at Genetec as well.

As an organization, our philosophy has always centered on developing future-looking ideas that have strong roots. We don’t jump on every flashy trend that hits the market.

Taking this approach has naturally delivered us strong growth, but our real goal is to be a trusted partner over the long-haul, a partner who can be relied upon to deliver quality and innovation no matter the ups and downs of trends and buzzwords.

An honor to be recognized

unified security platform 2019 at GenetecThe three solutions at the heart of the Security Center platform are Omnicast, our video management system (VMS), Synergis, our access control system (ACS), and AutoVu, our automatic license plate recognition system (ALPR). And, recently, we received some recognition for our years of persistent work.

According to IHS Markit, Genetec is the only security and public safety solutions developer to hold top-10 global rankings across all physical security industry sectors, including VMS, ACS, and ALPR software.

More specifically, they ranked us as the world’s number one vendor of VMS. This ranking is based on the fact that we sustained a 24.1% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) for the past 3 years. They also ranked us as the number 4 vendor of ALPR, up from number 10 in 2016.

They also named us as the world’s second-largest vendor of VMS appliances and placed us as the seventh-largest global vendor of access control systems.

In fact, we were the fastest-growing access control software manufacturer in 2018 at a rate of 45%.

When you compare this to access control software’s average of 6.9% growth rate for the Americas and a 6.3% global growth rate, you might expect us to be impressed with ourselves.

In truth, what impresses us is the partnerships we’ve built and the solutions we’re providing our customers.

What the numbers really mean

We’re excited by the fact that we’re the only company to have achieved a leadership position in ACS, ALPR, and VMS. It’s especially gratifying to be ranked number one in video surveillance as we’ve spent a lot of time in that space.

But what gives us an even better sense of satisfaction is that we’ve created a durable, resilient, and independent company that our customers and partners continue to trust.

These numbers reflect the fact that organizations around the world choose our solutions to protect the spaces, assets, and people that matter most. 

So, if there is recognition to be given, it should go to you. Thank you for inspiring us and for your continuing confidence in what we do.

To learn more about who we are and what we value, check out this video.

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Andrew Elvish, Vice-President of Marketing and Product Marketing, Genetec Inc.

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