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Access control beyond the door


Happy and rested employees create a great office culture. And doesn’t every organization want that? It’s why many companies (like ours) are turning to their access control system to make life easier for their employees. In our last blog, we discussed how an access control solution can help hospitals and medical centers meet compliance standards. This blog will focus on how it helps keep employees happy.

Ensuring employees aren’t overworked

Nurses and doctors work long hours. It’s a known fact for many hospitals. Unfortunately, the fatigue from being overworked can lead to mistakes. To avoid this, hospitals can use their access control solution to ensure an optimal work-life balance. Within the access control system, managers can review work hours based on when employees badged in and out of main offices to ensure that they are compliant with work-hour regulations. If an employee is working longer-than-usual, the manager can step in and address the situation.

Facilitating other applications with one card

Some organizations are using access control to simplify the day-to-day life of employees. For example, medical centers, schools, and even offices are extending the uses of cardholder credentials. With the right technology, cardholders can use their access control card to access lockers, cabinets, tools, place orders, and also pay for lunch. When you integrate the access control system with the payroll system, all lunch transactions can be automatically deducted from the employee’s pay.

Fun fact – Welcome to the Genetec cafeteria

At Genetec, we’ve implemented this exact application in our cafeteria at our headquarters in Montreal. It’s a convenient way for our team to grab lunch and not worry about fumbling around for cash. Instead, they simply tap their badge at the reader, select their items from a touch-screen interface, and that’s it! The purchases are all tracked and processed seamlessly so they can sit down with colleagues and enjoy their break.

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