Full steam ahead: here’s what we’ve been up to at Genetec these past couple of weeks

Here at Genetec, we’ve been quickly adapting to new ways of working – just like everyone else. The good news is that our global operations remain fully functional and our sales, support, training, and professional services teams are operating at full capacity.

Staying connected with our customers

  • In April, over 4,750 people attended our virtual trade show, Connect'DX. For those who registered but couldn’t attend, stay tuned for more details on how to access the content on-demand.
  • If you’re a Genetec Advantage customer, you might have unused technical consultation hours. Our team is working with customers remotely to leverage this time to get ahead on projects.
  • All of our training and certification courses are now available online. In the last 6 weeks, our training department remotely trained over 900 professionals.

Working with our customers to deliver new solutions

Our clients often come to us with challenges they’re facing (and some great ideas on how to solve them!) to see if we can work with them on a solution.

Considering the recent pandemic and the imminent return to operations, there’s been no shortage of challenges, so our developers have been working on ways to use and re-purpose our existing technology to serve new needs.

Here are 7 examples of some recent problem-solving that we’re particularly proud of:

1. Monitoring occupancy levels

With many retailers and restaurants set to start reopening in the coming days and weeks the need to enforce occupancy rules that adhere to physical distancing measures is critical.

Our new Occupancy Management Package will make it easy for retailers and other similar businesses to ensure they operate within local guidelines for occupancy density. This solution can measure the occupancy of a building and assist in managing this by displaying, and notifying employees, that limits are being reached. Reports can also be produced to demonstrate a retailer’s compliance with local measures.

Genetec Occupancy Management Package

Over the next month, we’ll be introducing a more extensive Office Occupancy Package that will tie into Security Center Synergis™, our access control system.

2. Keeping track of people’s potential exposure to contagion or contaminants

When McCormick Place in Chicago requested help with a proximity report, our team was able to find a way using Security Center Synergis—our access control solution—to pull a report to determine who might have come into contact with contagions or contagious persons, and for how long.

The Contagion/Contaminant Proximity Report is now available to all Synergis customers, free of charge. Get more details here.

3. Controlling access to PPE equipment

Keeping up with the demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been a major challenge for hospitals everywhere. Recently, our team worked with a Canadian hospital to help them better manage PPE stock using our Security Center Synergis access control system. To manage inventory and enforce the hospital’s protocols, the Synergis system was configured to restrict employees’ access to the PPE storage to once every 12 hours.

We’ve also been working on another way to support inventory management by repurposing technology that we initially developed for our cafeteria. Known to us as ‘The Bistro’, our HQ cafeteria enables employees to pay for food using an access control badge-based honor system.

Redeploying our Bistro App in the healthcare environment means that healthcare employees can enter the PPE items (instead of food items) they will be taking. They do this by swiping their access control card at a kiosk and selecting from the available stock before physically taking any equipment.

4. Monitoring patients at a distance

Keeping our frontline workers safe and healthy is critical right now. That’s why we’ve been working with a New York City hospital to deploy a remote patient care system. Hospital rooms or IV carts can be fitted with SIP intercom-enabled cameras, in this case with the Axis Door Station, allowing nurses to remotely monitor and communicate with patients.

From the nurse’s station, they can respond to patient requests using Genetec Sipelia™, the communications module in Security Center. This can help save time, decrease their risk of infection, and ensures hospitals save PPE for when it’s needed most. Healthcare workers can also use the Sipelia public address feature to broadcast messages to intercoms and connected devices to page staff or make announcements from the Sipelia application.

Genetec Sipelia intercoms management module in hospitals

5. Sharing evidence in the cloud

Avoiding physical contact is part of staying healthy these days. So, physically delivering and handing over paper reports, CDs, or other digital storage media can be risky.

Genetec Clearance™, our cloud-based evidence management system, lets you avoid the physical hand-off and speeds up the transfer of critical information.

We’re offering a free trial of Clearance from now until December 31st, 2020 – click here to learn more.

6. Managing travel restrictions with ALPR

To better enforce travel restrictions, cities and governments are turning to automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) solutions.

Some of our customers are using our ALPR technology to ensure that only medical staff or government authorities are on the roadways during a curfew. Others are restricting vehicle traffic by only allowing vehicles with a license plate ending in specific numbers to be on the road on specific days.

7. Investigating thermal cameras

Many businesses are now showing interest in thermal camera technology to try and detect people showing signs of fever.

To support this demand, our team has been testing thermal cameras and working to extend capabilities within the Security Center platform. Initial success includes displaying thermal video imagery and generating alarms alongside associated metadata. While this is still under development, we’ll announce updates as they become available.


If you’re interested in learning more about any of the products or functionalities mentioned above, please contact us at sales@genetec.com

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