Genetec Standard Software Packages: A high-performance luxury car for the price of an entry-level?

The recent addition of the Standard package to Genetec software packages is like getting a high-performance luxury car for the price of an entry-level vehicle. A cliché example maybe, but you are in fact getting the same software under the hood as our Enterprise package (without the many options). Our Synergis access control system has had a Standard package for a while, but now both Omnicast and Security Center have the Standard package offerings also.

Upgrading from one package to the other is clean and simple from a technology perspective: you only change the license and get to keep your video, configurations, database, etc., and obtain the additional feature set and functionalities of the other package. The other nice thing is that you pay the straight difference between the two packages on the commercial front. The trade-in value is 1 for 1 (like a car that never decreases in value when you trade it in).

Moving down market to offer entry-level packages is better than trying to offer an enterprise package based on an entry-level software.

That's what we did in offering Pro and Standard. Genetec products are designed for the high-end market, but are also packaged for entry-level. Some video management system (VMS) manufacturers out there have different code base for their different packages (usually not good when it's time to upgrade) and do not always have a 1 for 1 trade-in value. In fact, most of our competitors have designed products for the entry-level and are trying to move into the enterprise market, which is more difficult technologically. If you want your entry-level car to increase its maximum speed, it's easier to reprogram your speed limiter chip than to change your engine completely. Imagine swapping out your entry-level V4 engine with a luxury vehicle's V6. Messy.

You buy what you need, when you need it

That's the advantage of offering 1 for 1 trade-in value and having a clean way of changing your feature set. Customers that purchased a Standard package know they can go to Pro or Enterprise without being dinged. They pay the difference, that's all. The last thing you want is to be pressured by a used car salesman into buying more options up front because it will cost you more if you upgrade your software package to the Enterprise version later.

One of the most important things you need to do in order to get a complete picture is to factor in the time you will spend upgrading from one package to the next. Competitors that have different code base packages usually avoid this subject. Kick the tires. Actually, the best thing you can do before purchasing is to go for a test drive. That is why potential customers should always install our software and compare it side by side with the others. Genetec offers demo licenses and encourages potential customers to use one before you buy it. To get a demo license, please send us an email:

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