How License-Plate Enabled (LEP) parking simplifies and streamlines the administration of permits

LEPGetting or renewing a parking permit is often more complex than it should be. In an age where you can deposit checks with your smartphone, the inconvenience of having to physically visit a city or university parking office to get a new permit decidedly feels outdated. As Brigham Young University found out, decals and paper parking permits cause problems: 

  • Permits have to be renewed and re-distributed every semester or year
  • Regular permit issuance demands countless hours of administration, making it very costly
  • Permit holders generally renew at the same time every year, causing admin backlogs and added stress.
  • Sticker decals prove challenging when multiple vehicles share the same permit ID
  • Permits are not always visible, especially if it snows or the car is dirty
  • If permits fall off, tickets are issued and then disputed, causing unnecessary overhead and dissatisfaction
  • Permit counterfeiting, selling or loss is common
  • Manually verifying permits takes hours, meaning staff efficiency is not maximized
  • There can be dozens of different permits to issue and manage at once

Permit Parking Enforcement Is Easier with License-Plate Enabled (LEP) Parking Solutions

 Using actual license plates as unique vehicle parking permits eliminates a lot of the problems described above. Here's how:

  1. The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) becomes the resource that ensures the permits (license plates) are issued and always renewed - something they already do anyway.
  2. The local police department then takes charge in making sure the permit (license plate) is properly displayed.
  3. The only thing left is registering the license plate as a permit, which can easily be done online by the eligible vehicle owner. Afterwards, the permit is immediately available for use.

 License Plate Recognition Systems Help Enforce Virtual Permits 

With license plate recognition cameras installed on an enforcement vehicle, operators can automate permit verification and patrol their routes faster and more frequently. By simultaneously matching plate reads against many different types of permits, the LPR system alerts operators to vehicles with permit violations so they can issue tickets and ensure more spaces are available to paying customers. 

LEP + LPR = BIG Savings and Better Parking Services 

Administration costs, printing and redistribution costs, and enforcement man hours are just some of the areas where huge savings are realized. Counterfeiting issues, permits falling off, and permit scams are problems handled by new allies- the police and DMV. Best part of all: customer service is boosted with easy registration and more convenient payment and service options. 

Do you think LEP could help your city or local university? Tell us what you think.

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