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It’s time to subscribe to choice

Every customer we meet is unique. That's why our focus at Genetec™ has always been to give our customers more flexibility. From preferred hardware and add-on features, to support levels, we believe the power of choice should always be in our customers' hands. Today, we've extended greater flexibility to how organizations can invest in Security Center, our unified security platform; it's called Security Center Subscription

While our perpetual license model for Security Center is always available, we want to give our customers the choice of a pay-as-you-go license subscription. This flexible ownership models allows organizations to invest in an on-premises video management system without the need for a large upfront investment. Instead, customers can choose to make monthly or annual payments for the duration for which they require the security system.

While every customer will need to assess their own requirements, and decide which buying model will best suit their long-term and short-term needs, here are a few reasons to consider Security Center Subscription:

  1. Ownership Flexibility: Customers are free to choose monthly or annual payment plans to suit budgets and needs. They also have the ability easily add or remove licenses and upgrade between Security Center editions.
  2. Lower Upfront Costs: Instead of large upfront capital expense, Security Center Subscription provides a more manageable and predictable operational cost. This encourages easier budget approvals and quicker system implementation.
  3. Access to Software Updates: There are no additional costs to access the latest software updates. The system automatically notifies users when new releases and updates become available, and they can be easily downloaded.
  4. Ongoing Support from Experts: Support is purchased as an add-on to a perpetual license, but with Security Center Subscription, it's bundled into the price. Subscribers are given unlimited access to support services such as online video tutorials, technical information library, other resources, as well as phone and live chat support for basic troubleshooting.  
  5. No Risk Trials of Cloud Services: Security Center Cloud services are available to subscribers who want to expand on-premises video surveillance systems or easily enhance storage capacity without the need for additional on-site servers. Read more about Cloud services

Even More Choice for Small Installations - Security center Compact

By offering more flexible buying options for Security Center, Genetec is also catering to the needs of the broader market. A new subscription-only edition called Security Center Compact is available to customers who have less than 25 cameras. Security Center Compact is quick to setup, requires no training for users and extends powerful surveillance at an affordable price point to clients with basic requirements. Visit the website to read more about Security Center Subscription and Security Center Compact or join us for demonstration at our booth #10053 at ISC West.