Mapping out smarter tools: See what’s new in Plan Manager 10.3!

When responding to an event, navigating through a large number of devices within a security management system can be overwhelming, especially for operators overseeing multi-level buildings or distributed sites. Plan Manager, the interactive map module that is embedded within Security Center, helps make it easier. Not only does Plan Manager provide a visual layout of cameras, doors, and other entities within floor plans (e.g.: imagery and vector files) and online maps (e.g.: Bing and Google), it also allows operators to control device statuses and view notifications in real-time directly from the map interface.

You can view a short Plan Manager demo in this video:

New Map Features for Efficient Monitoring and Response

In Plan Manager 10.3, we've added new enhancements to provide operators greater control of devices from their map interface, and tighter coupling with other Security Center capabilities.  Here are a few highlights of new functionality:

•         While the Lasso Tool allows operators to view feeds of multiple cameras from their current position, a new Smart Click command has been added, allowing them to instantly position and view all cameras within range towards a specific area. With a single click, operators can pan multiple PTZs to a single point of interest to quickly view an incident or track a suspect. 

•         Users can now define Wall Objects on their map to define boundaries along walls and objects that obstruct a camera's FoV. Once applied, FoV overlays within Plan Manager will be bound by a walled object. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the Smart Click tool.

 Plan Manager

•         With the new Remote Plan Manager function, an operator can now control the map display of a Plan Manager workspace running on a remote Security Desk workstation. This allows operators to display and share their Plan Manager map position on a connected video wall. 

 •         With the recent release of the Sipelia communication module, Plan Manager now supports the addition of intercom objects, and the ability to view call notifications within maps.

Plan Manager 10.3 also provides users access to maps directly from the Security Desk logical tree, the ability to add Notes and Points of Interest to maps, and to import Custom Object Icons. For the full list of new features, please contact your Genetec representative or download the release notes from the Genetec Technical Assistance Portal

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