Meet SAM and GUS

The two resources you need on your team to keep your system up-to-date and highly available

Keeping your security systems up-to-date and running optimally is not easy. With so much going on every day, it can be difficult to find the time for those routine yet highly important tasks. That’s why having a security solution that alerts you to new system updates and points you to faulty devices or network errors can be a big help. The sooner you find out about a new system update that can minimize cyber risks or a device or network issue, the better your organization is protected.

Introducing SAM and GUS

If SAM, the System Availability Monitor, was your colleague, she’d be the one monitoring the status and health of each individual component within your system. That means as soon as a camera would go offline, SAM would let you know about it.

If GUS, the Genetec Update Service, was your co-worker, he’d be the guy keeping tabs on all the new product updates. That way if there were new features or fixes being released, GUS would advise you that it’s time for a system update. 

Although SAM and GUS are not actual people, they are two highly effective resources available to you within Security Center. SAM is available as part our support package and GUS is included within the platform.

What it’s like to work with SAM and GUS

While you’re busy managing your daily tasks, GUS will be working in the background checking for new software versions and updates. If GUS finds anything, you’ll receive a notification in Security Center. GUS checks for updates at regular intervals and allows you to automatically download updates in the background. You can then install the update when you have the time. It’s an easy and simple process that can be done between your other tasks.

While both you and GUS are busy working, SAM is also at work behind the scenes, collecting and processing information about the health of your system. If your system experiences a component failure, you’ll receive a real-time notification. You can then log into the Genetec Technical Assistance Portal (GTAP) to see what’s happening and address the issue. From there, you can also run health history reports and view live statuses of your devices to spot opportunities to improve your overall system availability.   

Snapshot of the System Availability Monitor

Snapshot of the Genetec Update Service

Learn more about SAM and GUS

There’s enough going on during your day to worry about. Making sure that your system is running smoothly and that you have the latest cybersecurity and software updates shouldn’t be one of them as GUS is automatically installed in our unified platform. Let us do the work for you! Check out our brochure to learn more about the benefits of Security Center. To learn more about SAM, read our feature note.

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