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Partner perspective: BCDVideo

The Right Way to Secure a Stadium

If you’ve ever been to a stadium for a concert or sporting event, you’ve had to pass through security. But, with thousands of people flooding into stadiums for these large events, monitoring for suspicious activity is too difficult for the staff on the ground alone. An IP video surveillance system needs to support efforts to keep people safe. Not all stadiums are built the same. Each has their own distinctive qualities making cookie-cutter security solutions ineffective.

Large stadiums throughout the world rely on IP-based security elements to monitor or limit access to certain areas of the stadium. Running 24/7 live feeds for hundreds of cameras often isn’t possible. Common workarounds can include only running cameras at full frame rates on the day of the event. And, incident triggered live monitoring. A full stadium solution watches the stands, parking lots, storage areas, offices, and more. It’s not reasonable to hire a staff large enough to physically be present in all these areas. Providing an unobtrusive fan experience is the ultimate goal. By introducing a video system optimized to run a video management system, stadiums keep fans safe and entertained.

Stadium security projects demand highly customizable IP video surveillance solutions. Finding servers and workstations that can support high throughput while keeping storage under a specific threshold can seem unrealistic. But, with a unified solution, stadium security’s unique requirements can be met.

A soccer stadium in northeastern France required a limited number of high-performance servers and workstations for their new security system. It also requested a specific 10G NIC and their Windows 12 operating system be in French. The only way to satisfy these project requirements was to develop a unified solution between industry-leading software and hardware providers. Without a solution that seamlessly interacts will all devices in the system, stadiums will struggle to install proper solutions leading to network downtime, video lag, and low performance.

BCDVideo was introduced to the project through Genetec. With this unique partnership having already provided hundreds of security solutions, the integrator knew they could trust BCDVideo servers and workstations. To develop the most cost-effective design for the stadium, experts at Genetec and BCDVideo collaborated for months to develop a customized solution that would meet the project’s unique demands.

Due to the optimized performance of Genetec Security Center software on BCDVideo servers and workstations, only one archive server was needed to manage bandwidth and maintain storage under 50TB. All within the project specifications. Furthermore, throughput levels on BCDVideo servers, when coupled with Genetec Security Center software, reduce the number of servers needed overall to support large projects like this. Value is added by a five-year warranty for all BCDVideo servers – longer than what most competitors are comfortable offering. Five-year onsite support for servers and workstations brings further peace of mind. If an issue arises with the stadium’s servers, a technician will be there the next business day to solve the problem.

BCDVideo provided a unified solution using the Genetec Security Center software to create a highly customized security solution that is maintained by a five-year warranty and onsite support. The flexibility to meet all of the project’s demands showcased the value that BCDVideo and Genetec can provide for large projects in the security market.

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