Security Center 5.9.3 is here

The third Minor release for Security Center 5.9 is now available! Version 5.9.3 provides more control over the computing resources used by unified video analytics, and expands the list of identity providers supported by the recently released OpenID Connect integration

Optimize video analytics infrastructure 

From occupancy tracking to intrusion detection, video analytics are an increasingly common part of modern video surveillance systems. But making sure that enough computing resources are available for peak activity periods can be challenging. This makes system design more complex and can result in unused infrastructure capacity and increased costs. 

The new Analyzer management feature introduced in version 5.9.3 taps unused infrastructure and automatically balances the computing resources used by KiwiVision unified video analytics scenarios. It also provides a detailed view of the resources used by individual scenarios to allow manual management of them, making it easier to design and maintain a smart video surveillance system. 

Learn more about KiwiVision Video Analytics

Integrate Security Center with Okta identities 

Security Center 5.9.2 introduced the ability to integrate identity providers using the OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0 protocols. Version 5.9.3 expands the list of certified providers with the addition of Okta, a popular workforce identity management solution.

You can now automatically create user accounts and assign them to Security Center groups using their Okta information. 

Read the OpenID Connect integration feature note

What is a Minor release?

Security Center Minor releases are frequent updates available to all users of a Major version. If your system is already using version 5.9, you can upgrade to 5.9.3 and gain access to the new capabilities today! If your system is on a previous Major version, like Security Center 5.8, you can upgrade to Security Center 5.9.3 with an active Genetec Advantage plan.

Have questions about Security Center 5.9.3 or upgrading your system?

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