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The greener side of parking

It's Earth Day, and we all want to do well for our planet. So today, we are sharing a clever way that our customers have been staying true to their green missions- using AutoVu™, our automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system for off-street parking.

In the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we often think about vehicle emissions and the pollution caused by driving, but what about idling at parking lot and garage entrances or exits? Below are two examples of how our customers were able to help our planet by reducing idling time at their off-street parking lots and garages.

City of Perth Parking Reduces Vehicle Idling Time with AutoVu­™ ALPR System

City of Perth Parking, also known as the "The Greenest Place to Park" recently upgraded to AutoVu™ ALPR system to implement ticketless gated parking. Not only were they able to save $25,000-35,000 AUD in management and operations costs per carpark every year, but they have reduced the time it takes for vehicles to enter and exit their carpark. For the City of Perth Parking, this helps to improve customer service and minimize C02 emissions. Read the full story here.

AutoVu™ Free-Flow at UBC Reduces Greenhouse Gases by 150lbs per Lot per Year

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Parking completely eliminated vehicle idling time by removing the gates on their off-street parking lots and using AutoVu™ Free-Flow instead. According to Brian Jones, Director of Parking and Access Control Services at UBC, "By going gateless with the AutoVu™ ALPR system, we have improved our enforcement productivity by 40%, deferred $400,000 in capital expenses on gate barriers, and reduced operational costs by $200,000 for each parking lot. We have also been able to reduce our greenhouse gases by 150lbs per parking lot every year, since there is no more idling at entry and exit gates." Read the full story here and check out this related infographic.

If your organization is interested in finding ways to reduce vehicle idling at gates, read more about our gateless parking solution, AutoVu™ Free-Flow. Or contact us to learn more about moving to virtual permits and ticketless parking  enforcement using our AutoVu™ ALPR solution.