What you need to know about migrating to an IP-based access control system

IP-based access control systemMigrating from a traditional Access Control System (ACS) to an IP-based system can seem like a huge undertaking.  Without a clear sense of the process, you may find that you have several questions: Can you retain any of the time and money invested in your legacy system?  Will your organization be vulnerable during the switchover?  Will you be able to expand your system as your organization grows? 

Knowing the answers before you begin can make the migration process easy and relatively painless.  Whether you're a security director or part of the decision making team, having a clear understanding of the benefits and process of migrating to an IP-based ACS is vital. This white paper on the considerations and best practices for migrating to an IP-based ACS
shows you: 

  • Some of the key reasons why migrating is a great option.
  • The goals to keep in mind when migrating, including reusing components from your current system and keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • What to consider throughout the process, including hardware, software, network, wiring, power and training considerations.
  • The steps needed to deploy a successful migration.

It also details the unique features and functionalities in Synergis-the IP Access Control Solution from Genetec-that can help you to achieve a seamless migration from your legacy system.  It also outlines just some of the support offered by Genetec during the process.

Click here to download the white paper

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