A cloud-first approach to city security

August 18, 2017

City skyscrapers

Securing a city doesn't come without challenges. A city typically encompasses so many diverse organizations and businesses which all revolve around the people that live, work and play within its borders. Ensuring community safety, deterring crime, and effectively handling threats requires many levels of involvement and many facets for consideration.

It's easy to single-out law enforcement as the main stakeholder for securing our cities. The reality is that there are many other players, including various public organizations, private businesses, architects and city planners, community groups and even the public at large which all play a role in keeping cities safe.

The cost of implementing citywide initiatives also constrains governments looking to expand surveillance efforts to reduce blind spots or vulnerabilities within their urban communities. To contend, some governments are turning their attention to the cloud, creating cloud-first policies in hopes of expanding their systems without the often high price tags of procuring and maintaining physical servers. Cities are complementing existing servers with cloud-based solutions, while the proper security measures are very much intact.

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