A guide to hardening your Security Center system

Securing your organization today means more than locking doors and protecting perimeters. It also means choosing security systems that are developed with cybersecurity in mind from the ground up.

The truth is—cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. And our team is committed to helping our customers better understand and defend against the threat landscape.

We do this by making more built-in security features available within the Security Center platform and by showing our customers how each one can help them identify and mitigate risk.

Get the guide: How to harden your Security Center system

Written by our in-house experts, the hardening guide provides a detailed overview of all the basic and advanced-level security features within our unified security platform.

The guide is available for Security Center channel partners and users on the Genetec TechDoc Hub.

Simply log in to the TechDoc Hub to get your Security Center Hardening Guide.

What else should you know about cybersecurity?

Browse through our cybersecurity content. It covers different topics you need to consider when securing your IP physical security system.

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