A guide to hardening Your Omnicast 4.x System

February 20, 2017


Security is what we do; and while we are technology innovators first, a big part of our job is ensuring our customers have the tools, resources, and knowledge to get the most out of our security solutions. 

More than developing solutions to secure organizations, we are also committed to developing secure products from the ground-up and helping our customers better understand the threat landscape by guiding them on how the built-in security features within the Omnicast 4.x platform can help them identify and mitigate risk.

This article is a reminder for users of legacy Omnicat 4.x systems, especially those deployed on dedicated security appliances like Genetec SV-16 or SV-32, to carefully review Section 4 of the Omnicast 4.x Best Practices Guide. This guide was a predecessor of our Security Center Hardening Guide and was written by our in-house experts to build awareness and to help ensure our customers are using both the basic and advanced-level security features that we have developed over time. The guide is available for GenetecTM Channel Partners and users of the Genetec Partner Portal and the Technical Information Portal (TIP). Log in to the Genetec portal to download the Omnicast 4.x Best Practices Guide.

To learn more about this topic, we invite you to read and follow our Security-of-Security Blog Series which takes a closer look at things to consider when securing your IP physical security system, including communications, servers, and data.  And, of course, we encourage you to visit this page often to ensure you have the latest security bulletins and news related to your Genetec products.


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