Want to do more with your security systems? Check out these 3 unique applications.

Here at Genetec, there’s nothing that excites us more than speaking with our customers. For our team, it’s an opportunity to connect and learn how you’re using our security technology.  

During these conversations, we hear some incredible stories. Like how a school in the United States is saving significant time sharing evidence, or how a retail chain in the Netherlands quickly expanded operations across Europe using cloud surveillance

Every so often, a customer surprises us with how they’ve implemented creative and interesting applications using the Security Center unified platform. In this blog, we’re highlighting 3 noteworthy applications.

Bonus: we’re also dishing up the details on our very own no-cash bistro application at our Montreal headquarters.  

3 unique applications using Security Center

1.  Automating light

Energy efficiency is top of mind for most businesses these days. Because of this, many customers are bringing building automation data into Security Center through standard protocols. This allows them to automatically activate heating, cooling, lighting, and other building functions at the tap of an access control card to a reader.

For example, when the first employee arrives for the day, they would use their mobile credentials or card to access an office area or building. The unified platform would then trigger the heating to reach the desired temperature and the main lights to turn on automatically.

The same application can be replicated using an automatic license plate recognition system, where building functions get activated as soon as the first vehicle is detected entering a parking lot.

In colder climates, this means your office can be warm and toasty by the time you get to your desk -or in warmer environments, feel nice and cool.

2.  Providing live views of known blind spots with IP decoding monitors

It’s not uncommon for properties or buildings to have blind spots. This might include indoor staircases or underground walkways which people use to easily move between floors, buildings, or even through city blocks.

While these passageways are convenient, they can heighten risks. For instance, delinquent individuals might use these areas for loitering, vandalism, or other dubious behavior. This can create unease for people who need to pass through those areas and can even dissuade people from using those areas altogether. 

To address this, some customers are taking advantage of an IP decoding monitor plugin. With a direct feed from Security Center, the monitors display video from nearby cameras without requiring additional equipment to run them. And they’re easily installed at the entrance of these precarious spots for all to see.

This lets employees or visitors know that this area is under surveillance and whether there is a potential risk such as someone loitering in the area. Loitering detection analytics can also be enabled in Security Center, triggering visual or audible warnings when loitering is detected to keep people safer.

3.  Autonomous drones for more efficient operations

Expansive sites such as seaports, transit agencies, or energy and utilities have unique challenges. For instance, if an intrusion is detected on a property, it can take responding officers a lot of time to physically reach the point of intrusion. By then, the trespasser can be long gone.

To speed up response, organizations are now integrating autonomous drones within Security Center using a unique plugin. This plugin not only allows operators to stream and record drone videos, but they can also manually dispatch or program autonomous drone missions directly from the platform. And, should a perimeter system detect an intrusion at a fence, the unified platform will automatically dispatch the drone to fly directly to the point of intrusion.

Drones are also being used to check inventory levels at construction sites, to monitor the condition of critical infrastructure such as city bridges, and to do risk assessments on machinery at chemical plants or oil and gas sites that might otherwise be difficult and time consuming for personnel to do.

BONUS: A look inside the Genetec Bistro

If you’ve ever had the chance to visit our Montreal headquarters, you’ve likely dined at our Bistro. It’s our in-house cafeteria where our employees can grab a quick snack, refill their coffee, or purchase a home-made meal. What’s unique about our Bistro is the cash-out system we’ve implemented.

employee checking out at the self-serve POS station

After an employee fills up their tray, they arrive at a self-serve POS station. There, they tap their access control card to a reader, select the food items on their tray using the touch screen, and confirm the purchase. Security Center stores the information in a database and sends it to our payroll system.

At the end of the month, the total gets automatically deducted from the individual’s paycheck. The system also tallies the amount due to Chef Jason who operates the Bistro.

Chef Jason

“We update our menu every day using the system,” explains Chef Jason. “It’s such a simple system to use and navigate and there’s no need to handle cash. Our customers flash their card, select items, and they’re done. And it’s all based on trust— something that’s innately part of the Genetec culture.”

The best part is— we use Active Directory integration to streamline the onboarding on new employees. So, as soon as a new employee account is created, they are automatically enrolled in the Bistro’s self-checkout system.

Doing something unique? Tell us about it.

Are you using our security solutions in unique ways at your organization? Whether it’s security or operations-related, we want to hear about it. The most interesting applications may be featured in upcoming blogs and newsletters.

Tell us your story by sending us an email.

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