5 physical security tools to help deal with COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic started to accelerate around the world no one knew what that would mean to our everyday.

It became very clear that a lot was going to have to change to keep people healthy and safe. For those of us working in physical security, this means that requirements for distancing, contract tracing, and occupancy management need to be strictly managed on a day-to-day basis.

Back in March the Genetec product management and development teams began working closely with customers to quickly deliver new tools to help individuals on the front lines.  The 5 solutions below were quickly deployed and are being used across the world.

1. Alerting staff of over-occupancy

Genetec occupancy managementPublic-facing organizations and businesses are in a challenging situation managing the flow of people safely. Enforcing physical distancing measures is critical so we have delivered a reporting tool that allows our users to tap into their security system to count people, visualize data, and alert employees when occupancy limits are reached to ensure appropriate actions are taken.

2. Enabling intercom-based patient care PPE inventory management

Hospitals oversee patients at a distance and managing access to PPE equipment

The Genetec team also partnered with several hospitals to understand new challenges and deliver help where we could.  As a result, our healthcare customers using Security Center are now able to run patient rounds from a distance. Nurses can communicate with patients directly from their desks using SIP intercom-enabled cameras.


3. Tracking potential exposure

Facilities/Buildings keep track of people’s potential exposure to contagionContact tracing is a critical component of COVID-19 regulations. To help we have provided enterprises with a way to proactively advise individuals of their potential contamination and take the necessary hygienic precautions, as outlined by health and safety procedures and regulations. Organizations can pull reports to identify all people who are at increased risk of being in contact with contaminants or reported contagious individuals – and for how long.   

4. Contactless evidence and media sharing 

Facilitate community sharingPhysical distancing is part of the new normal and we have customers rolling out cloud-based solutions to guidelines and keep people safe. With Genetec Clearance™, our digital evidence management system, clients can avoid the physical hand-off of documentation to partners and speed up the transfer of critical information.

5. Managing PPE inventory 

hospitals tracking PPE equipmentEarly on during the pandemic, a major challenge we took on was to adapt a drug diversion solution into a personal protective equipment (PPE) diversion tool. Traditionally, PPE was not worth tagging with active tags, as hospitals did not need to know the real-time location of a mask for instance. Now, critical PPE is in high demand, and our software can manage PPE access and inventory.

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