How to enhance public safety

Communication is key

While public safety has always been at the heart of the smart city movement, the global health crisis has created new security challenges.

Today more than ever, the resilience of cities depends on the open communication and connection between a wide variety of systems and organizations, including health officials, businesses, traffic control, public works, schools, transit authorities, hospital administrations, etc.

Avoiding silos to improve collaboration

In many cities, however, we often see stakeholders who don’t collaborate. Working in silos can lead to breakdowns in communication, missed opportunities, and lapses in security.

At a time when cross-agency collaboration and shared access to real-time information are critical in keeping our communities safe and secure, public safety agencies need to accelerate their digital transformation.

This enables them to provide effective, meaningful interagency and community collaboration, a unified view of operations, and access to live data that’s critical to maintaining public safety today, as well as into the future.

Using innovation to optimize security and growth

As cities around the world face the current health crisis and other public safety issues, they’re looking for ways to become more prepared for—and more resilient after—adverse events.

Public safety agencies are required to do more than react to situations in progress, and they’re taking a proactive approach to developing strategies for managing everyday operations, public events, and most importantly, emergency situations.

To enhance public safety and build trust within their communities, forward-thinking city leaders are seeking innovative ways to protect people, critical infrastructure, assets, and facilities, while improving operational efficiency across multiple departments and gaining insights to be more responsive to community needs.

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