Got a Genetec Advantage package? Benefit from free technical consulting hours!

Right now, organizations all over the world are finding new ways to adapt to their new reality, conduct business virtually, and run their operations remotely.

At Genetec we know that even while social distancing, work needs to get done. That’s why we have our Professional Services team available to support eligible Genetec Advantage customers to benefit from their free consulting hours remotely.

Genetec professional services

Here are examples of remote consulting services available to you as a Genetec Advantage customer:

1. System health check – It’s never a good time to find irregularities on your network. Especially now that you’re out of the office, offline cameras or other devices could pose a greater risk. Our consultants are here to help you with an audit to identify possible red flags.

2. Solution design – If you’ve been thinking about or planning a new installation this could be a good time to get ahead. Our solution design architects can help you create a comprehensive system design. Our team considers all aspects of the Genetec applications and validates how these solutions will interact with your entire IT infrastructure.

3. Upgrade planning and migration – Want to plan now for your next system upgrade? We can look over your system design, make recommendations, and outline requirements that will ensure success. If you want to take things a step further, we can also remotely configure many system settings in the pre-staging process. This means there will be less work and time required onsite.

4. Cybersecurity hardening – With the present situation, hackers are looking to take advantage of organizations' cyber vulnerabilities. That's why there’s never been a better time to strengthen your cybersecurity settings. Hardening your system can include checking for default usernames and passwords and verifying that you’re using encryptions and security certificates. We’ll also assess your cybersecurity score and handle all recommendations to ensure you have the highest levels of protection possible.

5. Planning for new system deployments or mergers – Whether you are looking to install a new Genetec system or merge many independent Genetec systems, a lot of the work can be done before the onsite deployment. After the planning and design phases, we can help you start populating databases remotely. Our team can also support system staging and verify that everything is configured properly to minimize any risks or downtime.

How to redeem consulting hours

To find out if you’re eligible, and to redeem hours, you can visit the Genetec Technical Assistance Portal (GTAP) or speak with your Genetec channel partner.

Questions about Genetec Advantage program?

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