How secure is your physical security system?

March 2, 2016

As we move forward in 2016 and embark on exciting new challenges, it’s important to take stock of where we are and be sure that we’re moving forward with the best possible foundation. One critical area that is often overlooked is the security of your physical security system.

Data Breach/Cyber Attack

Last year we saw a further increase in the number and severity of cyber-attacks. The damage done by the Ashley Madison and Invest Bank in the United Arab Emirates hacks is still being felt now while the fallout from the more recent attacks on the FBI and Department of Homeland Security remains to be seen. Hacks like these have lead governments at every level, as well as private organizations, to take a much closer look at the security of their operations as a whole. Knowing where to focus, however, isn’t always easy.

When thinking about your IP physical security system, you are probably pretty confident that you have everything you need. After all, you have security cameras and a VMS in place. And you have access controlled doors that require credentials you’ve issued for people to get through. But have you asked if the system itself is secure? Have you thought about:

  • How your security data is protected?
  • What kind of information is contained within your security system and what can be done with that information?
  • How dangerous it would be if that information ended up in the wrong hands?

The answers to these questions can lead to varying degrees of introspection and self-assessment. And it gets even more complicated when you add privacy issues to these concerns. But don’t worry. There are solutions, and we can help.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the security of physical security systems or the Security-of-Security, a new initiative from Genetec™ that focuses on securing all aspects of your IP physical security system, including communications, servers, and data.

Up next, we’re going to look at the vulnerability of your security data and at some of the ways hackers gain access to IP-based physical security systems.


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