How video analytics can help improve operations and maintenance

Video analytics are typically associated with physical security, but recent advances in accuracy and the decrease of the total cost of ownership of video analytics have led to broader deployments beyond security.

This technology can be applied to automate and measure an organization’s operational steps in various industries. In this article, we’ll explore 3 new use cases for video analytics.

1) Automating people counting

In a retail environment, store operations begin with the management of supply chain and end either when a sale is finalized or when after-sale services are concluded. Throughout this journey, several key elements have the power to improve or lower customer satisfaction.

The most common application of analytics technology to support a store’s operations is through people counting. Monitoring the total number of customers in a store or tracking the length of checkout lines make it easy to identify when additional staff is required.

This helps avoid overcrowding and long delays at checkout, optimizing the checkout process and overall shopping experience. Throughout the pandemic, many organizations have turned to video analytics to track how many people entered certain areas, including stores, cafeterias, and meeting rooms.

Security desk screen shot: Occupation management and camera integrity monitoring

2) Maintaining the flow of people in large organizations

For larger retail establishments like shopping malls, bottlenecking is a major issue that can affect customers in vehicles. Roadwork, changes in traffic patterns, and immobilized vehicles can generate sudden delays, or in more extreme cases, risks to health and safety. This is also true for other destination facilities, such as hospitals and airports.

Video analytics can help maintain the flow of vehicles at entry and exit points by alerting personnel of emerging problems. By detecting stopped vehicles in prohibited areas or counting vehicles over a set time, personnel can then be dispatched to address potential issues more rapidly.

3) Reducing staff allocated to system maintenance

The large scale of modern video surveillance systems presents several challenges. From the number of computing resources required to manage video cameras to the internal processes that security personnel must follow regarding operations and maintenance, many organizations dedicate personnel to day-to-day maintenance tasks.

This includes checking the physical state and image quality of cameras. When the system fails to alert security personnel that a camera is disconnected or unresponsive, manual validation is required to confirm the issue.

Video analytics can be used to monitor the physical integrity of surveillance cameras, reducing the need for dedicated maintenance staff. This reduces the costs associated with onboarding employees strictly for maintenance purposes. It also prevents interruptions in the system’s operations, and, in extreme cases, the loss of relevant footage.

Conclusion: Video analytics solutions can simplify processes and save resources

With the KiwiVision™ video analytics modules in Genetec Security Center Omnicast™, you can find targeted solutions that’ll help you simplify processes and operations, such as KiwiVision Security Video Analytics, KiwiVision People Counter, and Camera Integrity Monitor.

With a unified and open platform system like Security Center, as well as SDK integrations and a significant number of partners, you can optimize your organization’s operations with a flexible, powerful video analytics solution.

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