Join our growing internship program – even during the pandemic!

Did you know that Pierre Racz, President of Genetec, founded the company with the help of two interns? Fast forward 24 years later and one of them is still at Genetec. He grew his career, held different roles as the company expanded, and is now a Product Group Manager.

In fact, one in five interns at Genetec eventually joins the company as a full-time employee. It's why we value interns and developed an internship program, partnering with several Canadian universities.

Last winter when COVID-19 hit, we had to pivot quickly, and almost 57 interns started working from home. This winter, we've welcomed 101 remote-based interns – nearly twice as many as last year!

Keep reading to learn more about our internship program and the recent changes we've made and why you should join us.

Genetec internship program during the pandemic

Get regular check-ins with the team to ensure you get all the support you need

We start by welcoming you with an online orientation hosted by Olivier Julien and Stéphanie Delarosbil from our University Relations team. You'll get the chance to ask questions and connect with fellow interns from other groups. Throughout your four-month internship, you'll be working in separate groups, which makes this a great way to form new acquaintances and potential friendships.

We'll also check in halfway through your internship to see if you need any additional support, and again at the end so you can share details about your experience. All of the feedback we get helps us evaluate our program and implement positive changes for future sessions.

"The best part of the job is watching their development as they go from intern to permanent employee. Throughout their entire internship, we make sure that they have every opportunity to be successful and provide them with an experience that makes Genetec a must for every student. Our team is very excited about the bright future of our internship program and what's still to come!"

- Stéphanie Delarosbil, Human Resources Coordinator & Internship Program Specialist at Genetec

Socialize at our virtual water cooler

We take every opportunity we can to make Genetec a fun and dynamic place to work, even if we can't be together in person! That's why we created a new Microsoft Teams channel to give you a platform where you can chat with your peers and ask questions or make comments. It's a fun, easy way to express yourself and get to know others. Use it to ask for music and movie recommendations or share a funny video. In last year's session, one intern discovered that there were fellow gamers in other groups, so he set up a separate chat to play the popular online multiplayer game, Among Us, every Friday night.

Make connections in a fun way!

Internships are not just about acquiring new skills that you can apply to the workforce, they're also about making connections. We knew we had to give interns space to have social interactions that would organically take place at the office. We decided to add some unique activities to our schedule to help build those connections outside of work.

We now host trivia and game events throughout the season, including HaxBall tournaments and virtual human bingo games. These are great opportunities to have some fun, share interesting facts about yourself, and learn more about your peers – from travel stories and interesting hobbies to favorite foods.

Thinking ahead...expect a shorter commute

While our employees and interns continue to work remotely, we're exploring new working-from-home guidelines to make sure that we have the right balance in place when our offices re-open. And to remove any concerns about long commutes to our head office located in Montreal's Technoparc, we're exploring additional office spaces on the North and South Shore.

Work for a top employer

It's important to us that our employees and interns enjoy working at Genetec. It's one of the reasons why we've been named a Montreal Top Employer for 15 years in a row and our internship program has received several awards, like The Employer Leaders circle from École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS) and Top Co-op Employer from Concordia University.

Until we all return to the office, we'll continue to find ways to improve the work-from-home experience to set our employees and interns up for success.

Ready to kick-start your career at Genetec?

Contact the University Relations team for more information.

We offer internship opportunities at all of our Quebec-based offices, including Sherbrooke and Quebec City. There are already 102 students who've registered for our Summer 2021 internship session. Come join the #WreckingCrew!


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