Security Center 5.9.2 is now available

The latest version of our unified security platform is out now! Version 5.9.2, the second Minor release for Security Center 5.9, enables the integration of your user accounts with identity providers, through common protocols. This simplifies the set-up of floor plans and enhances automatic license plate recognition reports. 

Security Center 5.9.2 is here

Achieve a seamless SSO experience 

If you find your organization is using more desktop and mobile applications, and portals than it did just a few years ago, you’re probably right. The number of SaaS apps used by organizations has grown rapidly in recent years, nearly doubling between 2018 and 2020*.

This complex ecosystem of apps increases the risk of password theft. A single sign-on (SSO) policy can help manage this risk by ensuring that passwords are updated frequently across all apps, and inactive users are deactivated rapidly. 

This is even more important when it comes to security systems — they control physical access to the organization and contain sensitive data, such as video footage and employee information. A strong SSO policy is a critical part of an efficient security strategy.

Security Center 5.9.2 now connects to popular identity providers using OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0. This allows you to deploy SSO with the identity provider of your choice. User accounts are created, updated, and deactivated at each login, to maintain a secure and efficient user management experience. 

Find out how it works in our feature note button

* Blissfully 2020 annual SaaS report

Set up interactive floor plans with ease

Plan Manager, the mapping module of Security Center, offers a rich map-based monitoring experience. But configuring and maintaining floor plans with dozens of cameras, doors, readers, and sensors can be time-consuming.

Version 5.9.2 simplifies this process. When importing floor plans created in DWG or DXF formats, device locations and categories are automatically configured. Additionally, each device is instantly synchronized in the system based on the name of the device, and access control readers are immediately linked to specific doors.

When new devices are deployed or physical arrangements change, floor plans can be synchronized to rapidly display up-to-date information. 

See Plan Manager in action

Perform powerful ALPR group searches

Security Center AutoVu™, our automatic license plate recognition system, is an amazing tool to support investigations. This new release makes it easier to compare data related to groups of license plates. 

“Read and hit” reports can now show results for groups of license plates, in a single search. This helps you analyze the relationship between suspected vehicles directly in Security Center.

Security Center, Autovu interface

Learn more about AutoVu

What is a Minor release?

Security Center Minor releases are frequent updates available to all users of a Major version. If your system is already using version 5.9, you can upgrade to 5.9.2 and gain access to the new capabilities today! If your system is on a previous Major version, like Security Center 5.8, you can upgrade to Security Center 5.9.2 with an active Genetec Advantage plan.

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