All Genetec technical training courses are now available online

Many organizations have had to transition to remote work to protect the health and safety of their employees. As you may have read in our previous blog post, Genetec is operating at full capacity, and that includes our technical training team.

What you need to know about Genetec online training

We have shifted our training strategy to offer you an extensive list of online sessions. Our course catalog includes a long list of training sessions as well as the option to enroll in certification courses for our core products, including Security Center Omnicast™ — our video management solution, Security Center Synergis™ — our access control system, and Security Center AutoVu™ — our automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system.

Throughout our pivot to online training, we’ve been careful to maintain smaller group sizes in our technical courses, providing ample opportunity to interact with our instructors and to share knowledge with peers. We also offer one-on-one or private group sessions, for you and members of your organization.

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What you can expect from our online courses

Around mid-March, our training team was issued the challenge to shift our worldwide training sessions online. We wanted to adapt quickly and efficiently for our customers, so we saw this as an opportunity to develop the smoothest online learning experience possible.  

We’ve since fully embraced new online learning methods, including virtual machines for all participants, simulated edge devices (for example: IP cameras and door controllers), integrated conferencing tools, and a wide range of online self-serve materials.

To make it simple to navigate these new resources, we’re proud to welcome customers into Genetec University, our new Learning Management System.

Taken together, these new learning tools and our dedicated team have helped preserve the very best elements of our hands-on practical classroom training, now offered remotely.

How to register for a technical training course today

You'll notice that our training calendar still lists our course availability by city, as it did before we transitioned to online training. It’s important to be consistent with our course list for those who had already registered, and of course now, for those slowly transitioning back to work.

All you need to do is select a course in your time zone. If you find a course offered in Chicago, for example, and you live in the same time zone, then feel free to sign up knowing you can do that class online.

We hope to connect with you soon

Given the remote learning situation, we knew we had to adapt quickly. In the last nine weeks alone, our training department remotely trained over 1600 professionals! I think I speak on behalf of all our instructors when I say that we’re constantly working to deliver a great training experience.  

The most important thing is that learning never stops. Our team stands behind all of you who have projects continuing during this challenging time, and those who simply want to use this opportunity to focus on developing your team’s skills.

If there's anything we can do, just know that we're here for you.

Register for a technical training course today!

Register for a training course today



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