Video analytics tools are more accessible than ever. Here's why.

Organizations are deploying more cameras than ever, increasing the amount of available footage to new heights. Analyzing this footage presents new challenges, shining the spotlight on video analytics. Advancements in rendering technologies as well as new approaches to machine learning have enabled the development of applications that were unimaginable even a few years ago.   

While the availability and accuracy of video analytics applications have increased, today's solutions still require significant domain knowledge.

The challenges with today's video analytics

Disconnected solutions

Many analytics solutions are separate from their video management system (VMS). This means that they have a separate configuration interface, require different integration efforts, and offer a different user interface, which does not fit perfectly with the rest of the workflow.  

While the integration of external solutions will remain an important part of any VMS, it complicates the deployment, use and maintenance of the system, specifically for standard applications.  

Server sizes

The surge in video analytics performance comes with an increase in computing resources consumption. This places a growing burden on existing, general-purpose recording servers. Specialized hardware increases the complexity of system design. 

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How the next generation of analytics will help

The next generation of video analytics solutions will include streamlined deployment and scalability.

It will bring video analytics to a wider range of customers, providing intelligence and operational insight to more users than ever before. It will democratize video analytics.  

In the future, a VMS will have video analytics permanently running in the background, creating meta-data and providing insights for users. Whether running on a server, in the cloud, or in a camera, this technology will be invisible to the user. Instead of “video analytics” being seen as a separate technology, it will be a standard component of any modern VMS, just like archiving.  

This evolution is also evident in the way the information out of the VMS is visualized. Built-in charts, dedicated feature widgets, dashboards and reports are more available in order to help operators and users understand, classify and process information faster, allowing better decisions. 

Video analytics solutions at Genetec

Today, we're improving our portfolio by simplifying configuration, tightening unification, and providing a range of tools that make it as easy as possible to benefit from video analytics. 

KiwiVision Security Video Analytics Scenarios configuration tool - Genetec inc

Security Video Analytics module 

The newest version of our KiwiVision Security Video Analytics module introduces video analytics scenarios. These are pre-configured pages that show the configuration parameters needed for a specific application. All parameters are set with default values for a specific scenario. The result is faster configuration with less effort. 

Camera Integrity Monitor 

We also introduced the Camera Integrity Monitor in Security Center 5.8. This feature automatically identifies cameras that could have been tampered with. Over a thousand cameras can be configured at the same time with just a few clicks.  

Streamvault Analytics

We recently launched Streamvault Analytics, our line of dedicated appliances and servers optimized for video analytics. Every component is chosen and tested for maximum performance. Offering optimal cost-per-stream for video analytics, Streamvault Analytics simplifies sizing while reducing total project cost. And, using the KiwiVision Hardware Calculator, users can easily see how many servers they require for their projects.

Want to learn more?

Visit the KiwiVision video analytics page.

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