Case management is changing. Are you?

March 28, 2017


Evidence ManagementThe good news: you have access to more video content in the prevention, investigation, and prosecution of crime than ever before. The bad news: more content means more to manage. If you aren’t proactive, soon your law enforcement and legal counsel personnel might spend more time sorting through staggering amounts of data than on any other aspect of their jobs.

What you need is a case management system that helps manage the storage and distribution of digital evidence from cameras and other devices.

The perfect case management system should help you manage evidence throughout the lifecycle of an investigation. It should allow you to import and synchronize data while facilitating collaboration. Does your existing case management system enable you to:

  • Collect all evidence regardless of size and type?
  • Locate media quickly, without searching through volumes of digital evidence?
  • Make sure that operations run smoothly?
  • Share evidence safely at the click of a button?

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