How biometrics help secure schools, colleges, and universities

April 25, 2019

Partner Perspective: Invixium

The use of biometric access control continues to gain popularity around the world for organizations, enterprises and small businesses alike, as they progressively understand the advantages it offers in the form of accurate time tracking, higher security and improved convenience.

Colleges and universities, in particular, have started to deploy this technology for varied applications and have specific challenges in deploying biometric technologies such as the diversity and size of the user population, the need for very rugged equipment and flexibility for different use cases.

Invixium has developed a sleek product suite with cutting edge technology to provide fast biometric authentication results and a user-friendly experience. The entire Invixium product line has been integrated with the Genetec access control solution, Security Center Synergis™.

Features of this integration include an embedded enrollment task as well as device level support for the Genetec RIO protocol which allows Invixium products to operate as an edge-based door controller making deployment of biometric access control to any door simpler and more cost-effective than ever before.

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Biometrics for lab facilities and clean rooms

Credits: Princeton University

Top universities across the globe are doing incredible research using both biological and radiological materials that would be very dangerous if removed from the lab environment. For obvious reasons, these facilities require the highest level of security and this can be achieved with IXM TITAN which provides up to 4-factor authentication (Face, Finger, Card, PIN) including 2 biometric modalities (Face and Finger) for increased security.

Furthermore, TITAN with a built-in 21.0 megapixel camera can easily serve as a surveillance device for these high-security doors providing a live camera stream which can be viewed and recorded through the Security Center Omnicast™ video management system giving the customer one more way to monitor these high-security areas.

Lastly, the SIP audio capabilities of TITAN combined with the Genetec Sipelia™ communications management software gives the end user intercom functionality anywhere TITAN is deployed. 

Watch the TITAN in action here below.

Biometrics for athletic facilities

Credits: Queens University

College and university athletic facilities need solutions that allow students to enter secured areas during practices and game days without the use of an access card.  Access cards could easily be lost, stolen, passed around or destroyed during rigorous athletic activities. Additionally, most athletic uniforms do not have pockets, which makes it even more difficult for students to carry their cards. Lanyards on the other hand, present their own challenges as they could create a hazard or distract from maximum performance.

Why biometrics help

Biometric access provides the opportunity to maintain a high level of security in student locker rooms or equipment rooms while still allowing quick, easy, frictionless and convenient access. IXM SENSE 2 allows for fingerprint access in less than 1 second for up to 20,000 users and when equipped with the Lumidigm multispectral sensor, SENSE 2 FPL series offers the highest level of performance for users who might have moist fingerprints due to sweat or faint surface fingerprints from handling a ball, a racquet or other sporting equipment for extended periods.

Biometrics for student dining halls and cafeterias

Credits: Kingston University

When colleges and universities offer dining plans, it is important to ensure that the authorized student is the one making use of the meal plan. Often students will share their student ID with a friend when they might be off campus or simply having a meal out. It is also too easy for students to lose their cards or for strangers to steal and use the cards. Biometrics can offer an easy way to avoid intentional and unintentional theft as biometric authentication is proof that You Are Who You Say You Are. IXM TITAN provides fast and easy facial recognition or fingerprint authentication for such use cases.

Invixium offers a full range of biometric solutions that meet the needs of any organization and in any environment. Built with the most rugged construction, Invixium products are designed to secure and control access for designated areas all while elegantly blending into the interior and architecture.

Have a higher education project where these products would meet your requirements?

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