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Security Center Synergis for Healthcare Centers

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Access control that keeps healthcare centers moving In every healthcare center, there's a constant bustle. While staff, patients, and visitors move through corridors into rooms and wings, some areas must remain off limits. It's up to Security Directors to maintain that fluid movement through facilities while ensuring safety for all. Compliance and liability add to the challenge. Strict protocols and security measures must be in place to counter drug theft, keep pollutants out of cleanrooms, and protect patient records from prying eyes. This is where Security Center Synergis™ can help. With this intuitive access control solution, you can restrict access to sensitive areas, while still allowing staff and guests to freely move around your buildings. The flexibility of the system will keep you moving forward. No matter how industry standards evolve, you'll always be able to adapt and remain compliant. Industry note Synergis for healthcare centers The benefits of Synergis Boost your response efficiency Through our Security Center platform, you can unify your access control and video surveillance. When someone tries to open a door or is denied access to a room, you'll receive video linked to the event to see exactly what's happening. Intercom, intrusion, analytics, and other systems can also be merged within one pane of glass, making it easier for your team to quickly respond to any situation. Manage people, not doors Manage the flow of people in your hospital based on roles and qualifications. For instance, you can restrict access to certain areas based on a cardholder's education or training. If certifications expire, the system will disable access until the cardholder's accreditation is updated. It's all automated so you never need to worry about liability issues. Keep your facility compliant Use Synergis to uphold various industry standards. One example is using your access control system to keep cleanrooms compliant. Synergis will ensure that the first door is closed before permitting a cardholder to enter the second door, preventing contamination and downtime. You can also implement a 'Two- Person Rule'. This means certain equipment or areas can only be accessed when two permitted cardholders present credentials. 1 2 3 Extend access control beyond the door When nurses and doctors work long hours, fatigue can lead to mistakes. To avoid this, human resource managers can review time and attendance reports to spot overworking and address the situation. You can also secure medicine dispensaries with Synergis and restrict access to powerful drugs. At any time, you can run reports to make sure those with access to the drugs are adhering to the rules. Defend against cyberthreats Whether patient records or employee credentials, identities, and data are increasingly at risk. With Synergis, you can activate built-in security mechanisms such as advanced encryption and authentication technologies or choose secure access cards. These technologies help you protect communication from the reader to software and ensure your data doesn't end up in the wrong hands. Add systems with minimal resources If you need to add access control to a new building or modernize an existing system, you can try the Synergis SaaS edition. This pay-as-you-go cloud solution requires less hardware, so you can speed up installation and reduce costs. Since this edition is always up-to-date and secure, there's little maintenance required. That means your team can focus on other important tasks. 4 5 6

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