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Parking Officer Safety

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Enforcement solutions that keep your parking officers safe How can you protect your officers from their day-to-day? Parking enforcement is a demanding profession which brings officers to face multiple hazards throughout the course of their duty. When issuing citations, officers are often confronted by parking violators, which can lead to verbal and sometimes even physical assaults. They also operate in-vehicle systems that improve their productivity, but can distract them from the road, increasing the likelihood of collisions and accidents. In addition, certain bylaws require repeated motions to enforce that contribute to repetitive stress injuries. These situations negatively impact enforcement staff, leading to work place injuries, demoralization, and an increase in turnover. There is a better way. Parking Officer Safety Applications: Automatic License Plate Recognition Feature note Key features Fully integrated body-wearable cameras Hands-free parking enforcement operation Digital tire chalking Integrated body-wearable cameras When faced with hostile parkers, officers often lack the tools to defuse confrontations. Body-wearable cameras have proven that they can de-escalate interactions, but deploying a new system can be time-consuming and costly. Security Center AutoVu™ offers a simpler path to providing your staff with body-wearable cameras. It connects recorded video to violations, associating license plate numbers, GPS coordinates, and timestamps to the video evidence. By equipping your parking enforcement officers with body-wearable cameras, you are giving them the tools to de-escalate tense situations and collect video evidence if a serious altercation occurs. Manage confrontations with recorded video evidence of altercations Find evidence faster with intuitive time, location, and violation based tags Simplify deployment as an expansion of your parking enforcement system

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