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Unified security platform Fully embedded access control, video, and ALPR Access to a wide ecosystem of IP devices and partner add-ons Unified video analytics and privacy masking High availability with built-in failover or 3rd party solutions On-premises and cloud-based deployment options Connected services (software and firmware updates, health monitoring) Architecture IP-based security platform Distributed, client-server, multi-site architecture Compatible with 3rd party virtualization solutions Software Development Kit (SDK), Web API, and tools Embedded health monitoring and reporting engines Synchronize users with identity providers through OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0, or Microsoft Active Directory Core modules Real-time map-based monitoring (Plan Manager) SIP-based communications (Sipelia ™ ) Unified security with intrusion panels Unified video analytics and privacy protection (KiwiVision ™ ) Thin client for everyday operations (Security Center web client) Unified mobile applications for smart devices (Genetec mobile) User experience and interface Single task-based application for monitoring and reporting Interactive map-based monitoring that supports geo-located maps, ArcGIS data and custom floor plans Dynamic visual reporting with graphs, charts and histograms Live dashboards combining reports, charts and live device data Federation ™ View remote, independent sites as a single system Multi-site and -system monitoring & reporting for video, ACS, intrusion, and more Global cardholder management (GCM) Manage and update remote site settings from the central location Run centralized reports across locations Consolidated alarm management Backward/forward compatibility between sites Threat level management Pre-define organizational threat levels and actions Change behavior of system based on active threat level Trigger actions across the platform, incl. video and ACS Change entire security system or specific areas & doors Lock doors, restrict access or go into a full lockdown Control PTZ cameras, change recording settings Plan Manager (Dynamic Maps) Real-time monitoring, command, and control on maps View doors, cameras, intrusion panels, I/O zones Live object and entity state changes Real-time event viewing and alarm management Operate doors, PTZ cameras, intrusion areas, intercoms Connectivity over IP to GIS-based maps and ESRI maps Import devices from AutoCAD floorplans Vector (PDF) and raster (PNG, JPG), and KML import ESRI ArcGIS maps support Cybersecurity and privacy protection Cybersecurity score widget with hardening checklist System partitioning to control what users can see Extensive set of user-access privileges End-to-end data, video, and communications encryption Claims-based authentication and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) support Camera firmware update notifications with firmware vault Digital certificate support for Directory Password strength meter Partner add-ons Elevator dispatch & building automation Perimeter and fence protection, radar, laser systems Intrusion systems, gunshot detection Parking systems Biometrics and 3rd party access control systems Video analytics, face recognition, forensics search Asset management and tracking, ID scanning Comprehensive feature list

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