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Key features Turnkey appliance optimized for video analytics applications Certified for a wide range of indoors and outdoors analytics scenarios 3-year hardware warranty with 1-year advance replacement The Streamvault™ SVA-100 compact appliance lets you easily enhance your security system with KiwiVision™ Video Analytics. Its optimized design lets you apply more analytics streams to your video surveillance system, whether that is a single or multiple analytic stream per camera. Optimize performance – Instead of running analytics on recording appliances, the SVA-100 is designed to provide more analytics streams, all in a single compact appliance. Protect your operations – The Streamvault SVA-100 can be easily deployed as an expansion appliance to your current security system, preventing disruptions to day-to-day operations. Design with confidence – Adding analytics to your system can be challenging. That's why SVA-100 includes the Streamvault performance guarantee, and is certified in a wide range of indoors and outdoors scenarios. Perimeter protection Enhance security with unified intrusion and camera integrity analytics. Detect potential threats and unusual camera behavior instantly to help your operators focus on incidents. Public space monitoring The SVA-100 can be deployed with KiwiVision Privacy Protector™ to help you protect everyone's privacy and comply with regulations by anonymizing video feeds of public areas. Business intelligence Gain new insights into your operations with business intelligence analytics. The SVA-100 is the ideal appliance for use with Genetec Retail Sense™ and Genetec Airport Sense™. Product specifications Streamvault SVA-100 Analytics-ready appliance Benefits Applications Guaranteed performance * Performance varies based on parameters such as camera resolution, framerate and scene. Please refer to the KiwiVision Analytics performance calculator for more information. up to 20 KiwiVision Privacy Protector ™ streams* up to 8 KiwiVision intrusion detector streams*

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