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Access control for primary and secondary schools

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Access control for modern school security Keeping students and staff safe is a top concern for school districts. One of the main challenges is securing doors during the school day. With basic locking mechanisms, there's no way of knowing if a door has been propped open or a security gap exists. Mechanical brass keys and locks don't really help matters. Keys are easily lost and difficult to track and having someone regularly check that all doors are secured is time-consuming. With limited resources and evolving industry standards, Security Directors are faced with a difficult question: how can we maintain a secure environment in a simple and cost-effective way, while ensuring students and staff stay focused on learning? This is where Security Center Synergis™ can help. With this intuitive IP access control solution, you can become more pro-active at securing your doors, without detracting from the school experience. Even with limited budgets and staff, the flexibility of the system will help you evolve. You can add new technologies over time and adapt to changing mandates, as needed. Industry note Security Center Synergis for K-12 schools The benefits of Synergis Manage people, not doors Manage the flow of people in your campus and school buildings. Equip students and staff with access control cards and assign permissions based on the cardholder's role. You can also add readers to cabinets and drawers and monitor access to testing materials, medications, confiscated materials, and expensive electronics. This ensures only authorized individuals have access to your schools' assets and buildings. Work with local law enforcement To speed up responses to emergencies, your school can share system access with local law enforcement. Should a situation escalate into an emergency, a push of a button will automatically alert police officers and give them video access to prepare for a response. If there is a lockdown situation, only police cardholders would be able to access restricted areas of the building. This ensures everyone stays safe, while officers diffuse the situation. Keep hardware to reduce costs With Synergis, you can minimize initial upgrade costs by easily switching to electronic locks. Or, if you have an old legacy system, you might be able to keep wiring and readers. Then as more budget becomes available, you can replace older equipment with new access control solutions. As technology advances and government mandates change, the open system allows you to evolve your door security. 1 2 3 Expand systems with minimal resources If you need to add access control to a new building or modernize an existing system, you can try the Synergis SaaS edition. This pay-as-you-go cloud solution requires less hardware, so you can speed up installation and reduce costs. Since this edition is always up-to-date and secure, there's little maintenance required. That means your team can focus on other important tasks. Defend against cyber threats Student and staff records, identities, and data are increasingly at risk. With Synergis, you can rely on built-in security mechanisms and varied lines of defense to keep your environment and your data safe. These technologies help you protect communication from the credential to software and ensure your data doesn't end up in the wrong hands. Respond with confidence Through our Security Center platform, you can unify your access control, video surveillance, intercom, and other systems. From the unified interface, your team will receive a notification with live video as soon as a visitor approaches the main entrance and tries to open a door. Operators can use an interactive map or mobile app to quickly see what's happening and respond either by having a quick conversation or alerting the police. 4 5 6

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