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When retail security goes global How do you enhance your in-store experience and simultaneously bolster security across 3,800 stores around the world? Equipped with the latest video surveillance tools, retail giant TJX is embarking on its own quiet retail revolution. Case study Since opening its first store in 1977, TJX has grown into something of a phenomenon. Now an established global brand with more than 1,000 stores in the US alone, it has seen some of the highest returns on investment in the industry over the past four decades. And, with more than $33 billion in revenue, the Massachusetts-based retailer is proof that off- price department stores are alive and kicking. Yet, in the face of advancing digitization, rising threats, and a media narrative that is predicting the death of the physical store, staying ahead of the game is not an easy task. Protecting people and products As TJX continues to expand globally, threats to its stores are intensifying and security is ever more crucial. Protecting its staff and customers is always the absolute priority. "We want people to feel safe wherever they go," says Richard Peck, senior vice-president at TJX, "and that becomes harder and harder to do, based on people's behavior and the world we live in today." It isn't just people who need protection. e organization's assets, products, and even the brand itself must be defended to safeguard the future of the business. In an attempt to do just that, the loss prevention and security teams – previously seen as separate, stand- alone functions solely responsible for the and security – have recently taken advantage of new technologies to combine their efforts. Breaking down barriers Marketing, merchandising, operations, and loss prevention – the key functions of the TJX retail environment – are increasingly working together and sharing more information. "In-store, the same data point will have one cue point for operations, one for marketing, and one for loss prevention, so we're able to leverage all that information," says Peck. From analyzing customer behavior to managing poor staffing allocations, every insight is collected and shared and ultimately used to enhance the in-store customer journey. Right now in the world of retail, there's a marked emphasis on providing a unique and elevated in-store customer experience. Customers want flexible, personalized, convenient service. TJX recognizes that desire and the subsequent need for an adaptable business model to keep up with those evolving consumer expectations. "ese days, it's about differentiation," says Peck. "e competition is so fierce that differentiation is the real game changer." "These days, the competition is so fierce that differentiation is the real game changer." Founded in 1976 in Framingham, Massachusetts, TJX has since launched new stores and ventured into new markets to bring its popular off-price model to a wider network of customers. 22 23 Retail TJX

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