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Unifying systems and people With such an expansive global presence, one of the ongoing challenges for TJX is managing thousands of cameras, various systems, and numerous people. Each store can have different providers for each newly introduced application, so operators must be able to juggle multiple contracts and client relationships. With the emphasis on delivering an innovative and seamless customer experience, and with stores located in diverse locations all over the world, a unified system made perfect sense for the team at TJX. Using Security Center Omnicast, the team now oversees multi-site operations, gathers intelligent data, and simplifies once complex and time-consuming operational tasks. e system empowers them with tools to better protect and understand their operating environments, not to mention their customers. As Peck says, "Before we had the Genetec system, you'd have to go to the store to get any evidence or insights, so it has brought a store distribution center office to a central location." e capacity to grow As TJX continues to grow, it tests new ideas, so it's vital that its security system is both agile and adaptable. "From a pure business sense, that flexibility is a huge benefit," says Peck. "I don't have to maintain multiple relationships and multiple contracts, and demand multiple integrations and upgrades from different clients. It eliminates a whole lot of work, stress, and dollars," he adds. New technological advances will also have a role in the prevention of crime: if a known individual is coming into a TJX store, they can be identified in the parking lot before they've even walked through the door. "rough facial recognition or their device ID, the store camera system will automatically follow, track, and record a person's activity and a PA announcement will be triggered to alert staff," says Peck. As TJX looks to the future, insight-based reporting and artificial intelligence will play an increasingly prominent role in the security landscape. rough deeper analysis of customer behaviors, Peck's team will be well prepared to provide a safer in-store experience and drive the next 40 years of TJX growth. The TJX Companies Inc. engages more than 18,000 vendors to source products from more than 100 countries around the world. 24 25 Retail TJX

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