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Security conversations - Ken Kulpa from OTIS

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Security conversations Otis, the world's leading manufacturer and maintainer of people-moving products We all take elevators in buildings and think nothing of it. But behind many smooth elevator rides, there's a company that's focused on the passenger experience— Otis. Over 165 years ago, Otis invented the first safety elevator. Today, the company moves billions of people every day, offering products and services in approximately 200 countries and terrirtories. In this short Q&A, Ken Kulpa, Compass Sales Manager, COE and Dinoo Wickramasinghe, Associate Director - Modernization & CompassPlus®, Otis Americas, give us the inside scoop on how their latest innovative offering, the CompassPlus destination management system, is transforming the elevator experience once again. Not only does CompassPlus get people to their destination faster, but its integration with Genetec™ Security Center ensures that all security protocols and access control rules are always enforced. Q: What challenges do organizations face with elevators? A: Many buildings that have been around for over 30 years are being modernized. Typically, there's strong demand for leasing space in refurbished buildings and owners and tenants will try to maximize the space by accommodating as many people as they can. This creates a big issue because suddenly there are more people coming into a building than it was originally designed for. It's also very expensive and sometimes impossible to add more elevators. Instead, building owners can use CompassPlus to streamline the use of existing elevators. Q: What is Otis CompassPlus? How does the solution work? A: CompassPlus is a destination management solution that helps optimize elevator service for passengers and gets them to their destinations faster. Using a conventional elevator, a passenger will press the up or down button, enter the cab, and select the floor. With CompassPlus, the standard elevator operating buttons are now in the lobby of every floor, on a mechanical keypad or touch screen terminal. Every employee or guest will approach the terminal, select their floor, and then the system will assign them the most efficient elevator possible. CompassPlus groups people together based on similar destinations, making every ride faster and more efficient. CompassPlus benefits buildings that have been modernized and those that are brand new. That's because the solution offers more benefits than just improving efficiency. Since CompassPlus is a network solution, it also allows owners or tenants to personalize the user interface screen design to match the building aesthetic, enhance the riders journey through the building, and integrate the destination management system with security solutions such as Security Center. Every customer will be unique in terms of the building design and their needs. That's the nice thing about this integration—a customer can really tailor the experience of the system while protecting their people and assets.

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