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Category: Operations, Security Applications: Security Center, Video Surveillance, Access Control, ALPR, Citigraf, Traffic Sense Feature note Key benefits Get a comprehensive view of what's happening across your system at a glance Keep track of key indicators in one central location Customize your interface to your daily tasks Quickly identify situations that could evolve into incidents How it works Dashboards provide a blank canvas on which you can pin Security Center tiles, reports, and charts. You can also benefit from specialized widgets to monitor system health and cybersecurity compliance. Devices and maps contained in tiles can be pinned to the canvas to provide a live view in of the data they generate. This includes core system data such as camera feeds, door events, and ALPR reads. It also includes information from add-on modules like intrusion events, and third-party integrations like building automation, gunshot detection, and more. Custom integrations through the Security Center SDK can also be created. Saved reports can also be added to a dashboard. The latest results will be displayed based on the size of the report's window. Data can be updated automatically at a set frequency, eliminating the need to refresh the reports. Data can also be displayed as a chart or, a histogram, or as a count of entities or results returned by a query, such as the number of cardholders in a restricted area. Dashboards are customizable tasks that combine live devices with reports, charts, histograms, and more all in one central location. At a single glance, get a comprehensive view of events happening on your premises or in your system. Keep an eye on the big picture Keeping up with the growing number of events, alarms, and data collected by your security system requires constant attention. Focusing on the latest emergency makes it easy to lose sight of the broader situation. Lists and reports provide a partial view of the context but require you to deal with multiple tasks at once. A better approach exists today Dashboards put events into perspective and help you identify potential issues before they escalate into actual problems. Dashboards are customizable tasks that track the key indicators and information you need to achieve a comprehensive view of what matters to you. Whether you oversee the safety of staff and visitors across a sprawling campus, the maintenance of a security system, or the customer experience at a neighborhood store, dashboards provide a unique experience tailored to your day-to-day. Dashboards A comprehensive view of your security and operations

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