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Increasing retailers efficiency with ALPR

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Pushing out the boundaries of your security Many retailers have asked us how they can augment a security system to better address forensic issues that are an important part of incident investigation and resolution. Specifically, they want to know how to prevent recurring vandalism and provide authorities with the tools and evidence they need to swiftly resolve incidents when they do happen. Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) provides the ability to push security to the boundaries of retail premises. By placing fixed ALPR cameras at the entrances and exits of parking lots, you can gain insight into the identity of those passing through your premises. The ALPR system provides an inventory of vehicles that have entered and exited your lots so that you know who was in your lot and when they were there. With strong ALPR integration to your video system, you can also gain insight Security starts and ends in the parking lot A security strategy needs to include well-placed, high quality cameras that broadly cover the entire parking lot as well as redundant, versatile cameras for incident reporting and tracking suspects in real-time. Clear signage increases the deterrent effect of a strong security system, and having the cameras highly visible lends credence to that signage, helping to reduce incidents before they even occur. A strong video surveillance-based security system can help reduce incidents and facilitate investigations by providing evidence of what occurred and where and when it took place. The only limitation that remains is how to identify who was involved in the incident and how to prevent it from reoccurring. Often this task becomes difficult, involving lengthy investigations by the authorities and appeals to the public for information based on the video evidence obtained. Increasing retailers efficiency with ALPR into the make and color of those vehicles, thereby allowing officers to tie vehicles involved in an incident with the plates of similar vehicles that were in the lot at the time. This can significantly reduce investigation time and provide strong leads to follow-up on when incidents occur. Integrating your systems for increased awareness Not only does ALPR provide insight into who might have been involved in incidents, but it also allows for continuous follow-up on suspicious activities in order to reduce recurring incidents, even when those incidents are not escalated to authorities. When individuals related to theft or vandalism are identified, what do you do when they return? License plates of recurring

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