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Security Center AutoVu™ MLC (Machine Learning Core) is the automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) engine embedded in the ALPR devices. It replaces the traditional rule-based engine used in ALPR solutions with a machine-based algorithm. This increases accuracy, capture rate, while reducing common misreads and false-positives. Challenge Fixed and mobile ALPR systems read thousands of license plates every day. This amplifies the impact of misreads and false positives, with every instance requiring human intervention. The popularity of ALPR in performance-sensitive applications, such as parking enforcement and automatic vehicle access control, means that every gap in performance leads to lost productivity and unnecessary alarms. These service interruptions not only cause customer dissatisfaction but also cost operators time and money. Pushing past the performance plateau The performance of traditional ALPR technology is difficult to improve on. That's why a new approach is needed. AutoVu MLC leverages decades of ALPR images and a proprietary neural network to achieve new levels of plate-read performance. It has been optimized to run on current ALPR hardware already used by customers in the field; eliminating the need for the costly hardware often required by machine learning technology. AutoVu MLC reduces the number of misreads and false positives and increases the accuracy of advanced vehicle analytics, such as license plate origin detection. This increases automation efficiency, reduces the frequency of operator interventions, and helps officers act with confidence knowing that their data is accurate. Key benefits Cover more ground per shift by reducing interruptions caused by misreads and false positives Ensure the smooth flow of vehicles at gated entrances Apprehend more offenders or vehicles of interest with improved accuracy and capture rate Get new insights on where visitors come from with high accuracy license plate origin detection Compatible with existing SharpXS, SharpV, and Sharp 3 ALPR units AutoVu MLC The new standard for accuracy in automatic license plate recognition Applications Law enforcement AutoVu MLC boosts the performance of advanced vehicle analytics, such as the state of origin of a license plate. Police officers can act with increased confidence, by having more reliable information and more accurate reads right at their fingertips Parking enforcement False positives can drain parking management of resources as they are forced to validate and correct misreads. AutoVu MLC dramatically reduces the number of interruptions parking officers face so they can focus on improving efficiency and catching violators. Marketing & business intelligence Offer a seamless experience to loyalty program and VIP members. AutoVu MLC can identify regular patrons more accurately, helping you get a better sense of your customers. Reduced false positives also save your team time by avoiding the hassle of unnecessary alerts to focus on your customers. Vehicle access control Accuracy is crucial when businesses trust you on the front line of their operations. Whether to identify scofflaws, black listed plates, your own staff, or even suppliers AutoVu MLC can be trusted to automate vehicle access control on your premises while limiting false positives. Feature note Applications: LPR Industry: Parking Enforcement, Transportation, Law Enforcement, B&I Operations and Security

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