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KiwiVision Security Video Analytics

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© 2023 Genetec, Inc. All rights reserved. Genetec and the Genetec logo are trademarks of Genetec. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. UPD: 22-JULY-20 Genetec Inc. genetec.com/locations info@genetec.com @genetec Feature note · KiwiVision Security Video Analytics 1 Monitor and automate security events and receive real-time notifications 2 Combine video analytics events with Security Center capabilities as event location, dynamic visual reporting or map-base monitoring Scenarios and specifications Perimeter protection Area protection Direction control Object detection Stopped vehicle detection Tailgating detection Minimum resolution 352 x 288 pixels (CIF) 352 x 288 pixels (CIF) Top-down: 320 x 240 pixels Tilted: 1280 x 720 pixels (depends on camera view) Minimum object size Optical: 20 pixels (width or height) Indoor: 20 pixels (width or height) Outdoor: 50 pixels (width or height) 50 pixels (width or height) n/a Minimum frame rate 12 fps 1 fps 8 fps Optimal distance VGA: 5 - 35m, 5 - 60m (thermal) HD: 5 - 50m (optical) n/a n/a Maximum distance VGA: 3 - 65m (optical), 3 - 120m (thermal) HD: 3 - 90m (optical) n/a n/a Camera views n/a n/a Top-down (90° from the ceiling) Tilted (45° from the ceiling) Minimum distance between camera and ground n/a n/a 2.5 m Maximum horizontal field of view n/a n/a 120° Note: Minimum requirements for video analytics are different in each situation. The given numbers are based on test scenarios and experience in the field. The interface 3 Global overview and management of load balancing between servers 1 2 3

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