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KiwiVision People Counter

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KiwiVision™ People Counter is a unified analytics module for Security Center Omnicast™. It counts people in a camera's field of view so you can gain new insights on your business activity and monitor the flow of people. From improving the layout of your building, knowing when occupancy reaches a certain threshold, to better understanding the flow of visitors in your store. It doesn't have to be complicated It's costly and complex for businesses to use more intrusive tracking methods such as turnstiles, card-controlled access, and dedicated top-down cameras. And then, to collect and analyze all that data into accurate people counting information. People Counter is a better way Our unified platform makes this video analytics module easy to set up and cost- effective. It can be added to existing cameras, with both angled and top-down field of views. More importantly, it's powered by deep learning technology, which gives you greater counting accuracy. The counting data can be viewed on live dashboards and generate notifications when occupancy exceeds your defined thresholds. Key benefits Increased accuracy through deep learning to ignore all non-human objects Maximize your security investment, with support for both top-down and tilted camera views Visualize counts with dashboards in Security Center A software-based solution which works on standard surveillance cameras KiwiVision People Counter Learn how people flow throughout your business Deployment examples Feature note Applications: Video Surveillance Retail With visitor counting, make faster and more informed decisions that ultimately increase consumer engagement and in-store profitability Transportation Improve passengers' experience, and gain real-time information on bottlenecks and flow within every station and terminal Corporate buildings Understand your staff and measure the usage of common areas such as conference rooms and other facilities

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