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Close cases faster Video is an invaluable tool to help investigators review events and solve crimes. Although cameras may be installed nearby the scene of an incident, it can be difficult for them to take advantage of the video evidence that was recorded. The time to receive video from other organizations can delay an investigation and increases the risk of evidence being missed. Cameras and incidents can be mapped in Genetec Clearance, allowing users to quickly identify nearby devices that can assist in their investigation, and accelerate the time to retrieve recordings of interest. Organizations can invite both internal and external stakeholders to create video requests from the application. Administrators can customize request forms and the approval workflow to ensure alignment with corporate standards and save time managing requests. Once a request is approved, recordings can automatically be sent to an investigator, without the need for an operator to find and export the video. There are no file size restrictions when uploading files into Genetec Clearance, and recipients can review video directly from their web browser. Genetec Clearance supports a variety of video codecs, so users can easily review it without having to download and install a separate video player. Find evidence of interest Save time handling requests Easily share & review evidence The camera registry module in Genetec Clearanceâ„¢ simplifies the video request process and improves collaboration between organizations and investigators. Organizations can share a registry of the cameras they've deployed - including surveillance cameras, body cameras, and in-car recorders - to allow authorized users to rapidly identify and request the video from camera sources of interest. System administrators can configure their organization's approval workflow to ensure protocols are followed before releasing the video to a requesting party.

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