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As you prepare to reopen your business, you'll need to keep your customers and employees safe by adjusting your security measures to adhere to physical distancing regulations. A top priority will be to define occupancy guidelines and mobilize your operations to limit the risk of COVID-19 transmission. These guidelines can vary from a maximum threshold to the number of people per square foot. To enforce this, you'll need to know how many people are on your premises at any given moment– then continuously monitor the data and take action when thresholds are met. Our new Occupancy Management Package will enable you to operate within the guidelines for occupancy density. This solution can count the number of people in your store or similar public-facing business, visualize the data and send alerts to employees when occupancy limits are being reached. Reports can also be produced to demonstrate your compliance with local measures. Solutions bundle Genetec Occupancy Management Package All-in-one occupancy package to enable public-facing businesses to adhere to occupancy regulations We can help you tap into your security system to: Count people: Utilize cameras to count people or install Quanergy LiDAR People Counting sensor to keep track of occupancy. Visualize data: View occupancy data through your Security Desk dashboard. Analyze occupancy reports and create people counting audit reports to document compliance. Manage occupancy policies: Better manage occupancy by reacting to threshold alerts. Alerts can be delivered by mobile tablets, email alerts, or generated as an event to action within Security Desk.

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