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Security Center Fleet Monitoring

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Security Center Fleet Monitoring is purpose-built for fleet managers. It links all of your vehicles' on-board technology to a unified system. Making your vehicles safer and easier to monitor through a non-proprietary and open platform. Key benefits Build on an open platform for a tailored experience Unify landside and vehicle data in a single platform Gain decision support tools for your operational tasks Improve real-time monitoring, incident detection, response, and review Secure your on-board data with end-to-end encryption Add or replace onboard hardware at your own pace Security Center Fleet Monitoring Easily monitor your fleet's location, onboard video and vehicle telematics Feature note Applications: Security Center, Fleet Monitoring Industry: Transportation, Transit Operations, Security Are your systems providing a continuous picture, from infrastructure to vehicles? Retrieving, storing, and reviewing vehicle data and video can be a cumbersome process. Especially in a siloed environment where each tool only gives you a piece of the picture. Manually synchronizing these pieces and connecting them to your landside security system is tedious work. Modern, unified, and open platforms provide a simpler way Proprietary systems hinder your growth by limiting the technology deployed on your fleet. Security Center Fleet Monitoring simplifies data transfer, prioritization, and synchronization, without limiting growth. Our open platform brings fleet and landside data into one system. This facilitates the growth of your system while streamlining and simplifying your operations.

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