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Streamvault SVR-500A

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Key Features Turnkey appliance with Genetec™ Security Center pre-installed Available as part of Security Center Vehicle Monitoring solutions Onboard recording of vehicle video and sensor data 3-year hardware warranty with 3-year advance replacement Comes with Wi-Fi, GPS, Anti-Vibe kits and more Designed and ruggedized for vehicular operation, the Streamvault™ SVR- 500A is the ideal in-vehicle appliance to collect and record vehicle data, such as onboard video and GPS location. Monitor the vehicles in your fleet with an in-vehicle appliance equipped with a wide variety of I/O ports. The SVR-500A supports the connection and management of up to sixteen video cameras. It also has two front-accessible SIM slots for wireless data offload and live streaming of onboard data. Available with preloaded Security Center Vehicle Monitoring software, the SVR-500A simplifies your deployment of Security Center Fleet Monitoring solutions. Fully Unified – The SVR-500A unifies data from your onboard devices. It allows you to record and normalize all vehicle data through a single piece of hardware that links back to your unified landside system. Transit Whether you have a bus fleet, a train fleet, or both, the SVR-500A is the ideal in- vehicle server to collect all the vehicle data from your fleet. Protect your security system – Streamvault appliances help you build a resilient security system that protects your data and operations. Our cybersecurity experts stay vigilant on evolving threats and help identify and address new vulnerabilities promptly. Traffic Keep track of your service vehicles throughout your area of operation to make sure that your vehicular resources deploy where your traffic system needs it most. Simplified deployment – Create a hub for all in-vehicle sensors in an open architecture fleet monitoring system, and eliminate the need for proprietary hardware systems that don't interact. Transportation and logistics Use the SVR-500A on your vehicle fleet to monitor their status and help your maintenance staff prioritize repairs to keep your fleet in movement and productive. Product specifications Streamvault SVR-500A All-in-one Vehicle Monitoring appliance Benefits Applications Guaranteed performance up to 16 cameras up to 12TB storage

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