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Security Center Office Manager expands traditional security insights, giving you a clear view of how your office space is being utilized by employees, to inform business decisions and reduce unnecessary costs. Office Manager can also help you manage occupancy and understand employee attendance trends, to safely welcome employees back to the office. Key benefits Optimize office resources and expenses based on actual utilization data Improve space planning by visualizing office utilization, by employee or department Manage office occupancy standards in real time Enhance situational awareness through office maps with key cardholder data Adapt the office to accommodate flexibility through desk management Security Center Office Manager Actionable insights to optimize your evolving office environment Feature note Applications: Security Center, Video surveillance, Access control Industry: Office buildings Intelligence, Operations, Security Do you know how your office space is being utilized? Every day, your security system is gathering data about how your office is being used. But without a way to make sense of this data, many businesses lack a clear view of their office, desk, and conference room utilization, causing significant financial waste. With more employees working from home, you're likely re-evaluating your use of space and how it can be optimized. At the same time, you're also preparing to transition at least part of your workforce back to the office in accordance to occupancy policies. Leverage security data to inform office resource decisions Security Center Office Manager mines your security data and presents these insights in visual dashboards to help you understand how your office is being utilized, ultimately uncovering where to reduce costs. By leveraging data that your security system is already collecting, you can report on office utilization by employees, floor, and department, to inform real estate decisions. Because it uses cardholder information, Office Manager provides a full picture of building and meeting room occupancy, so you know exactly who's in the building, and can better understand attendance trends to promote a safe environment for returning employees. Understand office utilization for resource allocation Understand how frequently employees attend the office and occupy desks, view visits over time, and visualize utilization rates, to determine resource allocation. Quickly identify employees that don't attend the office enough to require a permanent workspace, so you can optimize the use of space. Reduce real estate costs based on security insights Inform real estate decisions such as lease renewal, maintenance, and space requirements, and display this information on customizable dashboards or create reports to analyze trends. How we help utilize your office space

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