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Security Center for small airports package

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Many small airports struggle to maintain full visibility and control over movement in and around their airport. With the Security Center for airports package, regional airports can enjoy an adaptable security solution used in leading airports, within their price range. This all-in-one packaged solution is specifically tailored to help airports with less than one million annual passengers enhance their security and operations. What's included in the package: • Video monitoring of aircraft, facilities, hangars, and boundaries • Long-term HD video storage • Access tracking to hangars and technical equipment areas • Perimeter and burglar alarms with radars, perimeter intrusion detection, and laser systems • Boarding and loading operations management • Low-touch system installation and proactive maintenance Solutions bundle Genetec Security Center for small airports package For airports with less than one million annual passengers All-in-one solution for small airports Genetec Security Center is a comprehensive security platform that enables you to manage security and monitor access, while tracking and reacting to various situations using a single unified interface. Omnicast™ is a video management system that goes beyond a simple monitoring function. Combined with Airport Operations Manager (AOM), it allows you to see your data and better understand your airport environment. Synergis™ is an IP access control system that heightens your airport security and increases your readiness to respond to incidents and threats. Streamvault™ is our line of appliances, storage, and workstations. Built to simplify design, deployment, and maintenance, it paves the way. Included in Security Center for small airports package Airport Operations Manager (AOM) base package is a platform that converts the Security Center system into an airport system - enabling the installation of airport-specific modules and the creation of airport specific entities within the platform, creating a digital copy of the airport. Restricted Security Area (RSA) surveillance is a Security Center module that allows you to detect potential threats across wide areas with the integration of large arrays of intrusion detection technology and devices, expanding security coverage to the airport's perimeter. Boarding Route Management (BRM) is a Security Center module that turns your Synergis ACS into a BRM solution. It separates embarking and disembarking passengers from planes to prevent secure zone breaches. This package simplifies the design, sourcing, deployment, and maintenance of our Security Center for small airport systems, making it possible to offer a flexible solution to previously underserved small airports.

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