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Synergis Evacuation Assistant

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Synergis Evacuation Assistant helps you manage and monitor routine and emergency evacuations to ensure the safety of individuals by tracking who has or hasn't reached their designated muster point. Monitoring the status of individuals during an evacuation During an emergency evacuation, organizations must account for all individuals within the facility, and when needed, share insights with first responders. Often, standalone or manual systems are employed to track evacuations. The inability to obtain a unified and live view of the evacuation status of people, poses a safety risk to all. Track the safety status of people during evacuations in real time When an evacuation is triggered, Security Center Synergis™ automatically starts to track the safety status of all individuals in real time. When people arrive at the safety area or muster point, they can badge their credentials at a fixed or mobile reader or notify the mustering captain that they're safe. They can also advise of anyone at risk. Key benefits Monitor individuals in real time during a routine or emergency evacuation Obtain a global view of areas and cardholders being evacuated Use Evacuation Assistant on a mobile device, tablet, or in Security Center View the safety status of people in real time Add individuals to the evacuation roster manually Change the safety status of individuals manually, as needed Ability to badge cardholders and monitor evacuation with the mobile reader Run active evacuation reports Synergis Evacuation Assistant Account for your personnel and visitors during routine and emergency evacuations Feature note Applications: Security Center, Access Control Category: Security How we help Real-time monitoring Mustering captains and security operators can monitor the safety of all individuals being evacuated in real time. This allows them to quickly dispatch first responders if needed. Instant updates Mustering captains can manually add individuals to the evacuation roster, including employees and visitors. Cardholders can safely badge at a fixed reader or using a mobile reader. They can also change the safety status of people as events transpire throughout the evacuation process. Run reports and dashboards Get a comprehensive view of the evacuation process in real time. Dashboards and reports can be customized to provide the information you need at a single glance.

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