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Mercury Security MR52 Interface Module

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Overview Connects to the Mercury Security controllers over high-speed RS-485 network Reports all activity in real-time to Synergis Cloud Link and Mercury Security controllers Manages up to 4 readers or 2 doors Reports Supervised Inputs Some inputs can be configured as general purpose inputs UL 294 recognized components OSDP v1 and v2 supported Available Interfaces Readers: 2 reader ports, supporting 2 OSDP readers (entry and exit) each Inputs: 8 general purpose: programmable circuit type 2 dedicated for Tamper and Power Monitor Outputs: 6 relays: Form C, 5 Amp 30 Vdc Seamlessly integrated with the Genetec Synergis IP Access Control Solution The Synergis™ system supports Mercury Security's open field hardware enabling organizations to deploy industry-standard access control modules and protect their investments for years to come. The MR52 two door interface module connects up to two readers, controlling either one or two doors. Supporting a range of wired and wireless reader technology, the MR52 is managed by a Mercury Security EP/LP1501, EP/LP1502, EP/LP2500 and EP/LP4502 controller through a high-speed RS-485 network and ultimately, the Synergis Cloud Link appliance over IP. Product specifications Mercury Security MR52 Interface Module Reader and IO interface module for up to 2 doors The Synergis Cloud Link appliance is an intelligent and PoE-enabled micro-server that supports a mix of non-proprietary access control modules like the Mercury Security MR52 Interface Module connected to any Mercury Intelligent Controller over RS-485. Modernize your access control environment by deploying Synergis Cloud Link over your network and establish real-time connectivity to your doors. Synergis Cloud Link Mercury Security MR52 Interface Module

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