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H A R D W A R E S P E C S H E E T The Synergis ™ system supports HID's open field hardware enabling organizations to deploy industry-standard access control modules and protect their investments for years to come. The HID VertX † EVO V1000 controller is IP-ready and minimizes network bandwidth usage by controlling up to 20 downstream modules using a single IP address. Supported RS-485 downstream panels include the HID VertX V100, V200 and V300. Seamlessly integrated with the Genetec Synergis IP Access Control Solution HID VertX EVO V1000 Network Controller IP-ready intelligent controller managing up to 20 downstream reader, input, and output modules Overview Connects to and reports real-time activity to the Genetec ™ Synergis ™ IP access control solution over any IP network Handles all access control decisions and monitors activity even when disconnected from the Synergis system Supports up to 65,000 cardholders Manages a maximum of 20 downstream device combinations over RS-485 (V100, V200, V300) When disconnected from Synergis, the V1000 buffers up to 99,999 offline events and reports them once connectivity is reestablished Additional capabilities include elevator control, hard antipassback, and offline input/output (IO) linking UL 294 and UL 1076 recognized components. Innovative Solutions HID VertX EVO V1000 Network Controller

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