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Genetec ClearID - Attribute-based provisioning

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Genetec ClearID™ attribute-based provisioning uses your organization's security policies to automatically assign access rights to employees based on their roles. A role is defined by a group of employees that share certain attributes, which helps to facilitate the management of access rights. The provisioning policies can be used to automatically assign or revoke access. Assigning access rights manually Traditionally, access rights are manually adjusted to reflect an employee's position change. Manually provisioning employee access rights can be time consuming and prone to human error. This leads to potential security risks and inefficiencies for organizations. A better approach exists ClearID attribute-based provisioning ensures that access rights are always up to date based on your organization's security policies and employees' changing attributes. For example, if an employee changes job title or location, the system will automatically adjust their access to reflect these changes. The automated approach improves overall security and productivity. Key benefits Automatically grant or revoke access rights based on: ∙ employee location ∙ a change in job description, job title, or managers ∙ a list of custom attributes synchronized from an external source Option to manually add or remove role members: ∙ Can be used in addition to the attribute-based provisioning feature for those who don't fit the default provisioning policy criteria ∙ Can be used as a standalone way to manually assign roles, thereby automatically assigning access rights Genetec ClearID - Attribute-based provisioning An efficient way to assign access rights Feature note Industry: Financial Institutions, Cannabis, Energy and Utilities, Commercial (office, factories, manufacturing plants), IT and telecommunications (Data Centers) Applications: Access Control, ClearID Category: Operations How we help Empowers stakeholders in the organization A role manager is someone who can monitor and manually add or remove members from a role. This empowers them to make decisions about members and their role, outside of the provisioning policy. Continuously updates access rights With ClearID, an employee's access rights are automatically adjusted based on their evolving attributes. Attribute-based provisioning streamlines the process so that people's access rights are updated to reflect their current attributes, i.e., job title, location, etc. Lowers overall security risk If an employee no longer works at the organization, a simple status change will automatically revoke access and credentials with attribute-based provisioning. The automated process ensures security and compliance within your organization. Facilitates the onboarding process for new employees ClearID attribute-based provisioning removes the manual aspect of onboarding new employees. The automated process simplifies this task by assigning roles and policies to all employees based on their attributes.

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